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Nummy. IronNam. Wichita, KS.
USAF. Toyota.

May God find me peace one day, for he defines my existence.
Bless me with the strength I work for, the love I will share, and the heart to pull through it all.

To the inhumane dudes that inappropriately mishandled and traumatized my ole girl, you have it coming your way. Karma shall catch up one day, but you should’ve thought twice about your actions.

What fucking people think it’s okay to sexually take advantage of someone like that? Makes me fucking sick, I don’t care if you’ve gotten away with it, you’re going to get the wrath. Fucking sickos.

I’ve been a co victim of three different individuals that are close to me, and that fucking hurts.

I wish I could be there, I’m so sorry…

There you go again, jumping into my dreams… The way we fight and make up, and how I would spoil you… I’d buy you ice cream right now…

If there was a way I could describe how we look into eachother’s eyes… I already lost my breath before I started to explain how it is…

Sucks when you’re around the same people everyday at work, especially with their lack of intelligence.

More or less crazy than you could define, I’ve seen my mistakes, how about you step outside of your little world and see what you’ve done.

Dealing with people <

So ready to get out of this desert.

I have a passionate heart, a mind with great will, and a soul that desires.

On the other hand, I workout, I have a job, and sweet tea sounds really good right now. 

Can’t wait for this next fat paycheck <3 soooo much money, oh my got!

blub blub blub blub
Soon I’ll be home, having the ability to go for a drive…. I seriously can not wait!

My inner emotions torment me… I just want to have a genuine smile on my face.

Ever stay mad at someone you truly care about?

Exactly, I can’t. I’m too damn forgiving.

I’ll make you wish you never did.
That’s all I’ll say, because I’m still here.