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Namster. Wichita, KS.
USAF. Toyota. :D

I’d do anything to have a happy us.

I was nothing before I met you.

I didn’t have much substance, I didn’t have bestfriends, I didn’t have close ties with my family, I didn’t have any of that, until I met you.

We talked, a lot. I was never so happy, as we began to be closer. You went through a lot, especially where you were at that time. We were friends for a bit.

Then we started to talk more.
I enjoy talking to you so much. I know I’ve said things… And I need you to know that nothing makes me happier in this world, than to hear from you. I can’t deny it. I did, and it destroyed me, beneath the surface, I fell apart. I love you with my whole being and more…

You’ll always be my bookworm to me. I love how you try and do so well, I admire the beauty of your determination and will, let alone how competitive you are. It’s the cutest thing ever. That’s why I stand to support you and ask if you need any help. You deserve a break in your hard work. You make me so proud.
Time went by and we become close, I love having conversations with you. You kept me occupied, I had something to always look forward to. I never thought how much hearing from you meant to me. You made me so much better. I wanted to appeal to you even more, I want to be someone you’d fall in love with, I want to have something absolutely real… And we meshed like gears, we fit eachother so well.

We poured our foundation to us, the relationship of me and you, as we talked more and more. Then we began to see eachother, and my life has never been better. I was absolutely happy to be with you, to be loved, to be yours, to know that someone out there chooses me.

The crafty, sweet little things we did… Oh I miss it all. It never mattered what we did, as long we had eachother. That was the substance of us going out, we got to spend so much time with eachother. We got eachother around our families. It was significant because they’ll be there for us when we need it. I love your family, I’m glad God and them blessed the world with you. You’re not just my bookworm and Princess, but also my angel.

I remember one of our first dates.
I was so embarrassed. Getting to you can be tough. Then in May, it was super hot and my truck’s alternator/ water pump belt went out on us. I felt like such a bum! How could I take you out and break down? It sucked, but I knew how to fix my issue.

Haha, the autozone we went to was pretty ghetto… I felt embarrassed, but you let me know it was okay and we got to be with eachother. I’ve never felt so strong. I fixed it as fast as i can so i could get you out of the sun and off to get some Boba. Then we went to Barnes and Nobles, then to Lakepoint for a walk in a really nice place. You are absolutely cute, dear… Wow. I miss us so much.

I have much more to say, but I have writer’s block…

I need to reassure you that I’ll always love you, Bookworm, from then to now, for later, because my love never stopped growing for you. You’re beautiful, inside and out. I taught you so much, I prepared you for the worst just in case I never existed one day… In doing so, I poured my complete entirety into you… Everything I knew, everything we’ve ever done, everything that you are now… Because I wanted the best for you, out of pure, true love.

I’ll do anything, to bring us back. Anything.